Uplift Brentwood's 

1st Gaming Tournament 

On Saturday, March 25th, our organization hosted its first Uplift Brentwood Video Game Championship, in partnership with the Brentwood Public Library. This event engaged over 50 local youth in the Brentwood community in a tournament-style competition. Thank you to all that helped us make our first youth video game tournament a success.

A Special thank you to Celia Vollmer, the Brentwood Public Library and all it's staff for providing the location, snacks, advertising, support, and so much more.


Thank you Edward Groce and PAL for providing transportation to the library for half the participants.


Thank you to Gio Mata and his church Ministerio Internacional Tabernáculo de Avivamiento, Inc. for providing the transportation back home for half the participants.

Thank you to Smiley Ny for providing the excellent music.


Thank you to Elizabeth Calderon and Girl Scouts Troop #909 & 988, Brentwood, NY for your Regal Gift Certificate Donation.


Thank you again Elizabeth Calderon and Macaroni Kid Bay Shore-Brentwood-Central Islip for your Snack donation.


Thank you Elton D George and BYA for helping with refreshments.


Thank you to UPPER KUTZ Barbershop for your generous donation.


Thank you to Anthony's Barbershop for your 2 haircut Vouchers donation.


Thank you to The Buzzz Haircutting Barbershop for your 5 haircut vouchers donation.


Thank you to Stony Brook University for the snacks donation and for the tremendous job your crew did setting up and distributing the snacks.


Thank you to The Oak Park PTA for your snack donation and information.


Thank you to Bayshore Shoprite for your snack donation.


Thank you to all our Uplift members for all the planning and work put in.


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