Open Public Community Forum for Roberto Clemente Park

Uplift Brentwood hosted a successful public community forum at the Brentwood Public Library to discuss the re opening and design of Roberto Clemente Park. Town officials were in attendance and answered questions and concerns of those that attended. 


Thank you to Town Supervisor Angie Carpenter, Parks Commissioner Tom Owens, and Councilwoman Trish Bergin Weichbrodt for making themselves available and answering all questions.


Thank you to Kaliah D Greene for  the excellent job moderating and the Brentwood Public Library for allowing this to take place there.


Thank you to Mary Reid for helping us make this happen

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Open Public Community Forum for Roberto Clemente Park

Minutes Recap



We held a community forum open to the public to ask questions and make suggestions regarding the phased reopening of Roberto Clemente Park in Brentwood. The following are notes taking by Jennifer Young of Sustainable Long Island. Thank you for such a great and thorough job.


Roberto Clemente Park Meeting – March 29, 2017 – 7pm – Brentwood Public Library



Angie Carpenter, Town of Islip Supervisor

Tom Owens, Town of Islip Commissioner of Parks/Department of Public Works

Trish Bergin Weichbrodt, Councilwoman


Angie Opening Words:

Park clean-up is 100% done; excavated site is still not filled in since it is a huge plan that requires approval from the NYS DEC

Fill will be starting this week; will take 6-8 weeks while there are other things going on with the park

Park pool will be re-mediated, along with basketball courts and the playground

 Working with Kaboom to get another playground worked on

Park will be opening in phases


Community Questions:

1. What security measures will there be at the park? Will there be any video surveillance? What happened to the agreement about fields with Roberto Clemente Jr?


a. Angie: Lighting and video surveillance has to be there. It is part of the plan. Angie has no knowledge of the agreement with Roberto Clemente Jr., but will have the Town of Islip attorney research that.


2. Will there be an opportunity for food trucks at the park?


a. Angie: There will be an opportunity to do that and Angie believes that is something they should have at the park.

3. Will there be any hiring/internships from Brentwood High School?


a. Angie: Arthur Abbate, Town of Islip Director of Labor Relations, has previously participated in job fairs at Brentwood High School and was excited to give youth summer jobs, Angie believes he will do this again.


4. Will there be bike paths, bike racks, and covered areas in the park?


a. Tom: Yes, and the park will be designed to be very walk-able.


b. Angie: Suggests outdoor fitness equipment – perhaps near the playground or the pool for adults to use while kids play; also suggests benches for adults. Also says that she and the Town of Islip are very committed to pool safety not just within the park but town-wide.


5. Is there a community advisory board for phase one of the park?


a. Angie: Yes – she reached out to community stakeholders like the library, firemen, and so on, to have them help spread the word about the parks.


b. Mary Reid (Board of Trustees, Brentwood Public Library): Mary participates in the community advisory group; she volunteered to be on that committee and feels passionately about participating and spreading the word about the park; she feels she does a good job and will continue serving the community.

6. Will an outside workout station be available? Will everything be handicapped accessible?


a. Angie: Says they will look into outdoor workout stations; says that everything will be handicap accessible (it is required by law)


7. Is there a way that the community can have a movie night at the park?


a. Angie: Absolutely – would love to combine that with a food truck night; the opportunities are “limitless”


8. Will there be fees for families or individuals to use the park?


a. Angie: Yes, they will be comparable to the other current park fees that exist


9. Will there be security patrols?


a. Angie: Yes, park rangers will be patrolling the park and already are.


10. What are the phases associated with fixing the park?


a. Tom: Phase one involves cleaning up the park and surveying it; town crews will be fixing the fields; Nelson, Pope, & Voorhis will be working on the pool remediation; soil testing is done by EnviroScience and a town engineer will be on site


11. How will the Town be conveying when the park is done?


a. Angie: Everyone should sign up for e-alerts and visit the town website; the community advisory group will be sharing info


i. Kaliha suggested Town officials attend community events to help spread the word (visiting places of worship, etc.)


12. Will there be motorcycle parking?


a. Angie: It hasn’t been considered yet but it can be.


13. What will be happening after the park closes in terms of security?


a. Angie: People will need to be vigilant and report and issues with security that they see.


b. Tom: Security is done by public safety officers; DPW will make sure fences are secure and safe.


14. Can the names of the people within the
community advisory group be released so that community members know who they can contact about park information?


a. Angie: Yes, that info can be provided.


15. Is there a way to have a skate park at Roberto Clemente Park?


a. Angie: Nothing is impossible, but there is a big liability issue with skate parks.


16. Will there be a concession stand?


a. Angie: They would like to have refreshments available at the park but it’s a process to get that done.


17. Suggestion: Community Member would like a discount fee for the pool for Brentwood residents.


18. Comment: Some people have an issue with the name since Roberto Clemente was not from Brentwood – the fields should be named after him and the park’s old name should be revived.


a. Angie: The name of the park comes from the community.


b. Trish: We have changed the name based off of previous requests from the community


c. Angie: Asked for hands on who wants the name reversed – overwhelming majority wants the name of the park changed back.


19. Will the playground have soft turf instead of rocks or mulch?


a. Tom: We will currently be using whatever surface is there now.


20. Can the park be a smoke-free zone?


a. Angie: Yes – absolutely, since the park is there for our children.


21. Suggestion: Resident would like to see a running track if possible.

22. Will the town allow community groups to donate equipment to the park?

a. Angie: Wants to create an Islip Town Parks Foundation as a nonprofit to assist with this; anyone who wants to participate in the foundation can give their info the Angie following the meeting.

23. Will you add a soccer field or a baseball field if you level out the area kids currently sled in?


a. Angie: In the short-term, no. We are currently just focusing on getting the existing fields fixed.


24. Will IDs be required to enter the park?


a. Tom: We will do whatever we currently do at other town parks.


25. Suggestion: We would like a children’s memorial garden for remembrance and reflection.


a. Angie: That is possible – we can look to the parks foundation to potentially lead that project.


26. Will there be a picnic area or grills available?


a. Angie: Picnic areas and picnic benches will be available but we currently are not sure about grills.


27. Comment: Resident commends the Town of Islip for their effort but believes that information online needs to be done in both Spanish and English.


28. Will there be any specific repairs to the baseball fields?


a. Tom: Diamonds will be replaced and backstops will be made to be as safe as possible.


29. Comment from Mary Reid: Skate park was thoroughly discussed within community advisory group; hand ball court was also suggest but people in the public were actually opposed to it due to issues with drugs, etc.; says that the committee has worked very hard and has discussed issues at length.


30. Suggestion: Suggests that more than two basketball courts be present – resident recalls fights breaking out in his youth because only two courts were available to play basketball on.

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