Clean Streets


7th Annual Clean Streets Project

The 2017 clean streets event was a complete success. Thank you to all of our sponsors that made this day possible. When you can have over 400 people work together towards a common goal, the outcome and results can be very rewarding to our community. The kids at the Y.E.S program were amazing,which speaks volumes to the leadership and teamwork skills that they are learning through great mentor-ship. Thank you to Suffolk County P.D and Guardian Angels for ensuring the safety of all volunteers. Thank you to all the performers, especially our homegrown talent Dud Music and Apollo Main for displaying their talents and being humble enough to volunteer their time to give back. Thank you to Applebee's for hosting the event and opening their doors this year and in the past years. When you drive around today and notice that its much cleaner, you can thank Marcos Maldonado for bringing this event to life and making it bigger and better each year for several years.