Board Members


Cynthia Cortes

Marcos Maldonado

Herminio Medina

Shawn A. Owen

Leanna Reyes

Miguel S. Turell

Joseph Atanasio

Feride Castillo

Robert Green Jr.

Eric LaGrandier


To promote a positive community through the active engagement and participation of our residents.

"There is strength in numbers"


We are a group of dedicated, motivated and passionate community members that have come together in order to rebuild our community culture. We strongly feel that the best way to accomplish this goal is through community participation, resident activism and family support. Through planting seeds of positive change with open steady lines of communication, we hope to bridge the gap between the community and law enforcement, as well community leaders.


We intend to continue to grow our group with other like-minded individuals in order to be able to address major issues and concerns that effect the communities we live in. We want to continue to bring awareness and shine a much-needed light on the activities in our towns. We strive to send a positive message that as residents, parents and business owners, we are focused on uplifting our towns.


We intend to establish a solid presence at all the major events and meetings around our community such as school board meetings, police community meetings, and town hall meetings, in order to make everyone aware that members of the community do care about what is happening, and to have a say in what direction it is going in. We believe that together we can accomplish more.


We came together when one young man, Herbie Medina, and his family decided enough was enough and began a petition to reopen the biggest park in the community, Roberto Clemente Park (Brentwood, NY). After gaining quick momentum, a few of us got together and formed Uplift Brentwood.


About a week prior, his friend Bobby Wimberly posted a status on Facebook calling for a meeting of like-minded people who can come up with ways to create positive change in the community. Garnering much attention amongst his friends, the group Long Island Minds United (LIMU) was formed


Recognizing that there was an overlap in membership and what both groups where trying to accomplish, the groups merged and formed Uplift Our Towns. 


Brentwood NY 11717

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Brentwood NY, 11717